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We've found them. I've sent along the information to Storm and the X-Men, so they're planning a retrival mission. Wanda, keep an ear open for Stormy's call. They're going to need you on this.

Rough information: they're in Monaco and seem to be unharmed. That's all the information I've got. Marie-Ange and Doug managed to track them down. Good work you two. Take tomorrow off. For the rest of you, keep this to yourself until the X-Men finish collecting them.
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If any of you are curious to where I'm at, I'm in France. Which means my contacts have come up with very little in the way that can be considered useful. I'm following up on a lead tonight, a bit sketchy but what isn't these days?

Sorry for the note tacked onto the tea pot in the office Amanda, I caught a flight far earlier than should ever be allowed.
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All right, so Sarah and I did the rounds of the school yesterday. Talked to a few of the kids who were close to either Jennie or Marius, a few of their teachers, that kind of thing. I also borrowed personal items to try another location spell.

Spell stuff first, since it's quickest. Still dodgy. As far as I can tell, they're still in Europe, definitely not the eastern side since there wasn't that hard edge I get from cities that way. Somewhere... lively, maybe? Sorry, I can't be more specific than that. And remind me to wear gloves next time I try this spell - scorched my fingers again, fuck it.

Now the more useful stuff. I'll leave Sarah to add anything else she has.


Marius: before he left, he was not a happy boy. Perfectly justified, given the shite his mutation was putting him through. But the telling point for me is that he was putting on that coping face. The one where you really aren't. Wasn't talking to anyone, was cracking jokes and pretending everything was fine and he was just dandy. Thing is, according to some of the things that were overheard, he wasn't. His parents were putting the pressure on for him to get medical help, he stopped talking to his closest friends and when he took off, he left notes and no contact details. When you've got that much pent-up stuff, it's not good - very bad choices tend to get made 'cause you're desperate.

Might be an idea to check out the family connections to places like the Hellfire Club and the like. I doubt Marius is the sort to cut a stupid deal in return for getting some fast help, but just to be on the safe side.

Jennie: By all accounts, she and Marius were as thick as theives, up until his mutation started acting up. Things got a bit tense - they had at least one bang-up fight - and Jennie was royally pissed off when he left. Thing is, that sort of friendship doesn't just go away because one or both parties is a plonker, so my guess is that if she wasn't planning to find him when she headed off on holiday with Daddy, then something might have happened to make her do that once she was over there. There's no messages on her email from Marius, but then again they might have gone the old-fashioned way of sending letters. Angie might back me up here, but I'm pretty sure if we find one, we'll find the other. Possibly shacked up somewhere fun.

There's nothing there to indicate Jennie decided to try life on the villain side of the street, no connections at all to anything beyond the stuff in her file from the witness protection program. Might be an idea to make sure that's all sitting quietly and Tony the Mobster (or whatever his name is) isn't making a nuisance of himself. There's a note here about talking to Fred Duncan about anything to do with Jennie.

The bottom line? Got some ideas as to the state both of them were in when they left, and if it wasn't for Marius sticking to the grand Xavier's tradition of bottling everything up, I'd say we just had a couple of kids extending their summer hols. Still might be that, but something just isn't sitting right with me.

Sofia, if you want my notes, I can send them over to you. You'll be able to get more out of it, given the headshrinking degree and all.
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My flight leaves very early, so I'll leave these instructions for the rest of you. It's now been twelve days since we started looking for Jennie with little to show for it. Turns out another student is missing as well, Marius something, and guess where he was last seen? If you say 'Paris', you won a cookie. While I'm not Sherlock Holmes, even I can make a solid guess that the two disappearances are somehow connected.

The good news is that it doesn't seem likely that this is a kidnapping. There's been no demands, and neither disappearance is alike enough to make two seperate random kidnappings that plausible. It's also less likely that they went off to join Magneto and strap on the magenta codpiece of evil. That means we're not going in loaded for a combat situation. What seems the most logical is that Jennie's disappearance somehow led to Marius' disappearance. Maybe he went to help her, maybe they got her to get to him, maybe they ran away to get married and missed Vegas by a long shot. If someone is keeping them hostage, they're not going to be able to move around much. If they're trying to stay hidden by their own choice, they're going to leave tracks we can find. They're not trained how to disappear, so they will make mistakes. We use those to find them.

First things first. Doug, you're on the media. Mutants leave traces where they go, even if they're trying to be sneaky. I've left copies of both of their powers in your e-mail. Start looking for anything that might be a result of one or both of them using their abilities. Focus on Paris around the dates last seen, and move forward and out in radius. Marie-Ange, you're our resident French woman; help Doug pinpoint where an American and an Australian are likely to try to hide and get themselves noticed. Also, go through that information we grabbed from the kidnapping ring to see if there are any connections with European outfits, just in case.

Wanda, your contacts in France. If they don't have anything useful for you by Wednesday, get yourself on a flight over here. Bribe or threaten. Consider the funds unlimited for both. Betsy is trying to work out some of her international links, see if they might have skipped out of Europe on shoddy passports or something. Mark, you're working with Wanda for the next couple of days. I want you to give her all of the clubs, DJs and other things connected with the young mutant culture in Europe. NYC is crawling with Eurotrash larve, and I'm willing to bet they show up at your club to try and turn a bad accent and European club name dropping into a blowjob.

Amanda, if you've still got that location spell, see if you can narrow things down for us. If that doesn't work, you and Sarah get over to the school and talk to these students friends. Find me some motives or information that would make them not want to be found by anyone else. Why would they be hiding out from everyone in Europe, good and bad possibilities. After that, you guys can help the others with the media search.

Sofia, I'm betting you either still have access as an FBI officer to Interpol's query database, or you can get it without killing someone. See if you can find me arrest warrents, incident reports or criminal investigations that might have anything to do with these two missing kids. Find me something and I'll even call you 'Mistress' while I'm on the couch in your office.

E-mail me updates, use the comm to share what you find with each other. If anyone has an intelligent idea or course of action I missed, now is the time to mention it. Otherwise, let's get on this. If I'm out of contact for more than 24 hours without any explanation, assume worst case scenario, and get the X-Men involved before even considering coming out in the field after me.
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Scott just dropped me a line. It seems that Jennie Stavros has gone...missing. The X-Men and Xavier are looking for her but so far they haven't turned up much. But this is what we do.

Jennie was visiting her father and then supposed to come home. She left a message at the school saying she was going to be staying longer there and left a message with her father that she was heading back to the school. She boarded a flight to Paris but after that, they lose where she went. No credit card numbers, no cell phone uses.

I've got some contacts over in Europe that I'll be getting in touch with but if anyone can start to poke around and find something, that would be fantastic.

And I'd be very greatful.


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