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I am sure that everyone has noticed the spate of thunderstorms over the city these past few days - they have been raising the hair at the back of my neck, and not for normal reasons. I don't believe they are of natural origin. Amanda, has there been any magical activity within the city recently?

Edited to add: Ah, I see there has been something strange afoot. I blame my lack of focus on the weather. I get to use that excuse. No one else.
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This is to let all staff know that Rebecca Barnes should now be once again considered 'at large' - she has been reported missing, presumed escaped, from the Fulmer Institute earlier this week. What little we know has been made available to you all but I warn you, it isn't much. Please add this to any daily monitoring you may do and alert us if anything suspicious arises.
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Wherein the first time was justly treated as an minor occurrence until proven otherwise, a second so soon seems to be more than just coincidence. Our contact in Toulouse, the reporter Leynaud, has not been in touch for several days now. Somebody please tell me they have heard from her more recently.


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